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August 3 The Ville Turkey Creek
August 3 Sunburned Willy Pigeon Forge
August 3 Chad McWilliams Gatlinburg
August 4 Karaoke Turkey Creek
August 4Michael Roberts Pigeon Forge
August 4Bill Fonner Gatlinburg
August 6Chad McWilliams and Friends Pigeon Forge
August 7Stephen Goff and Friends Turkey Creek
August 7Kincaid Dos Gatlinburg
August 8Stephen Goff Maryville
August 8Tommie John Turkey Creek
August 8Steve Laciak Pigeon Forge
August 8Aaron Tracy Gatlinburg
August 9Stephen Goff and the Royals Maryville
August 9K-Town Turkey Creek
August 9Kincaid Pigeon Forge
August 9The Griffins Gatlinburg
August 10The Beat ClubMaryville
August 10High Five Fist Bump Turkey Creek
August 10The Jaystorm Project Pigeon Forge
August 10The Griffins Gatlinburg
August 11Karaoke Turkey Creek
August 11Stephen GoffPigeon Forge
August 11Matt RoyGatlinburg
August 13Chad McWilliams and Friends Pigeon Forge
August 14Stephen Goff and Friends Turkey Creek
August 14Milkshake Fatty Gatlinburg
August 15Jason Ellis Maryville
August 15Mike SnodgrassTurkey Creek
August 15Liquid Velvet Pigeon Forge
August 15The Royal Hounds Gatlinburg
August 16Tall PaulMaryville
August 16JOTOTurkey Creek
August 16The Royal Hounds Pigeon Forge
August 16Sunburned Willy Gatlinburg
August 17Steve Rutledge and the Groove EvolutionMaryville
August 17Sexy Beast Turkey Creek
August 17Chad McWilliams Pigeon Forge
August 17Sunburned Willy Gatlinburg
August 18Karaoke Turkey Creek
August 18McKenzie Knapps Pigeon Forge
August 18Sara Collins Gatlinburg
August 20Chad McWilliams and FriendsPigeon Forge
August 21Stephen Goff and Friends Turkey Creek
August 21Bill Fonner Gatlinburg
August 22The Jaystorm Project Maryville
August 22Stephen Goff Turkey Creek
August 22Mike Snodgrass Pigeon Forge
August 22Brad Hudson Gatlinburg
August 23Uptown Moonlighting Maryville
August 23Stephen Goff and the Royals Turkey Creek
August 23Josh Gilbert Band Pigeon Forge
August 23The Reunited Gatlinburg
August 24Sexy Beast Maryville
August 24RMS Turkey Creek
August 24Billingsley Pigeon Forge
August 24The Griffins Gatlinburg
August 25Karaoke Turkey Creek
August 25Kincaid Dos Pigeon Forge
August 25Shaun AbbottGatlinburg
August 27Chad McWilliams and Friends Pigeon Forge
August 28Stephen Goff and Friends Turkey Creek
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